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  2011.05.05  13.35

This is one of the most helpful things I have read in a long time. Steal Like An Artist.

I have a lot to think about after having read this, but mostly I am interested in exploring the idea of being boring. Hrm.


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  2011.04.26  09.59
Best intentions

Last night as I was walking to the theatre I thought to myself, I will eat a salad for dinner tonight. And then I got to the theatre, put in three hours of cutting plywood and making frames for flats and finally had to take a break to eat because I was starving. So I got a BLT wrap with ranch dressing. That is not the same as a salad.


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  2011.04.13  16.47

I'm trying this thing where I only schedule two things a day. Like work + one social commitment on weekdays. Or work + one theatre commitment on weekdays. And then only 2 things per weekend day, such as 1) help friends move + 2) get beers with long lost friend. I'm already having difficulty with it, but I'm hoping that soon I'll be in this habit so I can only schedule one thing per weekend day and then maybe in the future I will find myself with entire weekend days with nothing on the schedule.

Chores don't count, of course. Then again I grossly overestimate how long it takes me to do chores. After taking my clean clothes out of the dryer yesterday, I groaned at how long it would take me to fold and hang them all and put them away. I considered putting it off for later, but in the end made myself just do it. Like Nike told me. And you know what? It took me an entire 12 minutes. Twelve. I was dreading 12 minutes of work.

Tonight's commitment after work is seeing my therapist. Then: chores, which include going to Target (actually enjoyable) and then cleaning Clint's tank once I get home. I know he'll appreciate it and I appreciate him, so it'll all be worth it for my beloved pet fish. To quote Hagrid in HP 3, "People can be stupid about their pets."



  2011.03.17  11.37

Cup of tea + cup of coffee = FLYING! zoom!



  2011.03.15  09.33

Dear Teenage Girls of Philadelphia,

We are not Rihanna. We are not Lady Gaga. We are not even Madonna circa 1985. I implore you to stop wearing crinoline skirts with nothing under them or on top of them. Not only can we see your underwear, it looks like a mistake. This is one time I will advocate for leggings.

Special note to the girl on my bus this morning: If you absolutely must indulge in this trend, please do not wear white underwear under your black crinoline. That's just awful.



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  2011.02.01  10.57

I was listening to my iPod on the bus this morning and a couple of songs came on in a row that struck me by their unexpected through-line. Both of these songs feature multiple members of the group singing and then delighting me when the star of the group (or, the person I consider the star) comes in at the end with a verse. It's almost like the song is going along pleasantly and then there is this incredibly distinctive voice that just kicks it into high gear.

The first is "Walk Like An Egyptian" by the Bangles. (It came on shuffle, it's not like I'm being an asshole and trying to relate to the political unrest in Egypt by way of Susanna Hoffs.)

You see, it's all well and good- other girls singing and doing it very well. And then: Susanna Hoffs comes in with her nasally, 80s-dream-girl voice and it's like "Oh right, this girl is a star." And the song just kind of takes off in that last verse. I love it.

The other song, of course, is Salt N Pepa's "None of Your Business."

You guys know I love Salt N Pepa. I love them all (even Herb), but I especially love Sandy "Pepa" Denton. Listen, Cheryl James was awesome too, and I have love for Spinderella (though she is the weakest rapper in the group), so don't think I'm ignoring the other genius ingredients of one of my favorite groups. BUT. Listen to that song. Salt starts pretty strong, but then Pep's voice just rips. shit. apart. "So, Yo, So, yo, ho." Brilliant.

This wasn't on my iPod this morning, but I'monna put on my Nerd Hat and say that the other song that comes immediately to mind in this "awesome voice comes in at the end to blow everyone away" theme is "The Bitch of Living" from Spring Awakening. The song is pretty fantastic and all of those boys are totally great. But then. Oh, but then: Jonathan Groff comes in at the last verse and it's just over for those other boys.

The first time I saw this (on Letterman, I think) I absolutely stopped in my tracks. It's definitely the best song of the show, and they were wise to use it as a marketing tool. They should have never done that awful medley at the Tonys the year the show was nominated.

So - any songs you can think of where someone just comes in an blows everyone else out of the water? Bonus points if someone else has to follow them.


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  2011.01.28  11.26
Fashion Rundown: Golden Globes 2011 THE BAD!

I am so sad that Cher wasn't there. She can always be counted on for illusion netting and a good wig. Oh, but we have some "winners" here. Enjoy the worst of fashion at the 2011 Golden Globes. Let's just jump into the deep end of the pool to start, shall we?

The BadCollapse )


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  2011.01.26  14.47
Fashion Rundown: GG11 - The Good!

Welcome back! Ready for round 2? Let's see some beautiful things, shall we?

The GoodCollapse )


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  2011.01.25  13.22
Golden Globes! The Meh!

Hey guys, I just put this up on Way Too Shay, but I know that some of you prefer this format, so here is the MEH from the Golden Globes. I'll be working on the rest of it, but I probably won't get to them until tomorrow and Thursday.

The MehCollapse )



  2011.01.19  16.27
please hold

swamped at work and life - GG post coming... please hold!



  2011.01.18  10.10

Holy crap, you guys. GG fashion was AWFUL. By which I mean delicious and awful. Stay tuned for the full recap. I just got back from Columbus, Ohio last night so I'm behind on work and life but I promise you a full rundown of all the gory details soon.


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  2010.12.14  11.35

The amount of snot that has poured out of my body in the past 24 hours is INCREDIBLE.

Also incredible? We got Cliff Lee back! Perhaps I should say UnbeLEEvable!


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  2010.12.08  09.37

I am happy to report that someone found Way Too Shay by Googling "my labia."



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  2010.11.23  23.15

It has been one hell of a month.


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  2010.11.17  14.38
I actually Laughed Out Loud

Fuck yeah, royal wedding! I can't wait!



  2010.11.09  12.52
Today in Too Shay

If you enjoyed last summer's most annoying movie characters to date you might enjoy today's post over on Way Too Shay - Doomed Movie Couples.

Today is slow and sucky.



  2010.10.29  16.22
Sexy Blank Halloween!

(this is also posted over at Way Too Shay, but I know you guys need to see it immediately, so I'm ditching the explanation at the beginning and getting right to the good stuff.)

Sexy Sunflower

Explanatory backdrop sold separately.

Sexy Skunk

Okay, so there is a lot of repetition between all of the sexy bear/dog/fox/wolf costumes. Originally, I was going to include Sexy Fox and make fun of the costume naming people for not calling it Foxy Fox, but then... oh then, I found Sexy Skunk. Can you think of anything more alluring than a skunk? Me neither.

Sexy Ladybug

I was not aware that ladybugs had fuzzy legs and mouse ears. Good to know.

Sexy Big Bird

Ah, Halloween. Making beloved Children's Television Workshop characters sexually attractive since 2010. (They also have Elmo and Cookie Monster.) (I decided to spare you.) (You're welcome.)

Want more of your childhood ruined? DONE.

Sexy Annie

I hate Annie to begin with. This is simply an abomination.

Sexy Ghostbusters

Slimer not included.

Sexy Belle

You may say, "But Meg, Sexy Belle is just one of the many Sexy Disney Princesses and isn't really that ridiculous." And okay, I see your point. But think about what Belle's character was like in Beauty and the Beast - smart, independant, and constantly frowning on those idiotic Sexy Village Girlswho followed Gaston everywhere. It makes total sense to make the bookworm into what you see above, right?

Sexy Nemo

I have no words. Actually that's a lie. Where the hell is Nemo's wonky fin? ANSWER ME THAT SEXY ____ COSTUME INDUSTRY!

Sexy Mary Poppins

You can tell it's Mary Poppins because of the signature hat and ... yeah, that's it.

Sexy Dorothy

I am not interested in any costumes, Halloween or otherwise, that require a Brazilian wax.

Sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Really, it's Sexy Raphael. You can tell by the sai.

Sexy Court Jester

Same leggings as the Sexy Skunk, except in "wacky" colors. I bet those are warm on the shins.

Sexy Clown

For all of your sexy nightmares!

Speaking of sexy nightmares....

Sexy Chucky

Hold on to the axe and then next year you can be a

Sexy Lumberjack

No joke, right before I saw this one I thought to myself, One of these days they are going to run out of ideas..." Maybe that day has come?

Sexy George Washington

I cannot tell a lie, the hat makes the outfit.

Sexy Juliet

Please note the sexy bottle of poison under her garter. But, uh, (SPOILER ALERT) Romeo drinks poison and Juliet stabs herself. Learn your Shakespeare, Sexy ___ Costume Industry!

Sexy Lady Gaga


Sexy Scrabble

Really? REALLY?

Sexy Gumball Machine

Get it? The gumballs come out of her vagina!

Sexy Remote Control

This is pretty much the most disgusting costume I've seen. You can turn her bad girl up and also dial up her hotness! But my biggest problem with this costume is the accessory - WHY does she have an actual remote control on her garter if she IS a remote control? That's downright confusing.

And finally, my favorite Sexy ____ Blank costume of the year.....

Sexy Phantom of the Opera!

Wow. Just wow.

Happy Halloween everyone!


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  2010.10.27  15.38
stay tuned!

Sexy ____ Halloween spectacular is coming on Friday! And OH MY GOD YOU GUYS. This year is off the hook.



  2010.10.26  16.48

So I've been posting to Way Too Shay and tracking the traffic and stuff. Today, I know that ndlawrevue has looked at it because all of my hits are from America except one from Brazil. Thanks Kate!

In other news, I am so excited about going to Sampan tonight with eltrutori3! Also, you guys, the new show at Flashpoint has first preview tomorrow and the show.... is AWESOME. It's called Run Mourner Run and it's beautiful and sad and worth it to come out to see. First preview is $5, second preview is $10 - WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?

OH! And we're starting the Flashpoint Late Night Series with a workshop production of Methtacular! by Steven Strafford. That starts in a couple of weeks. Come one, come all!


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  2010.10.22  13.03
Damn, you guys. I have a new blog.

Seriously. I started this one:

Way Too Shay is my new blog. I will still write in here for personal crap but I'm using the other one as place to write about the stuff I write about the most:

Mondays are for Fashion
Tuesdays are for Food
Wednesdays are for Pop Culture
Thursdays are for Sex
Fridays are for Current Events (read: whatever I wanna write)

Right now I don't have any Pop Culture posts except the test I put up a few weeks ago and there's a bunch of nonsense but please go visit and bookmark it! I swear this will last longer than the doomed and deceased pizza blog.

Some highlights so far:
* Universal Truths of Project Runway
* My First Fashion Show
* Food During Tech Time
* The sex store in Manasses, VA
* My love for Chooch

And, of course, right there on the blog is my favorite bad fashion moment ever - Britney and Justin's matching denim formalwear. Enjoy!

Edit: I forgot that I wanted to throw out there a big ole thank you to LJ's own tawdryjones for challenging me to do this in the first place over many beers and dinner a few months ago. Thanks, Mix.


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  2010.10.13  11.29

I always like October 13 because it is the birthday of two of my friends and I think they are both sweet and wonderful. Happy happy to Matt and Mickie!

Last night, after helping Gigi with a grant proposal, she and Meg came over to eat pizza and watch Glee. Then we ended up watching multiple hours of Law and Order SVU. We realized that there is usually very little "Order" in this flavor of L&O. That's fine by me because Benson and Stabler are dreamy and they always give Ice T the stupidest puns. Last night one of the episodes included this fantastic dialogue exchange between a young girl and a creepy "therapist" :

Young Girl: I love you!
Creepy Therapist: Love yourself, Tina.

I have tried desperately to run that quote straight into the ground. I think I probably said it like 16 times last night and it was the first thing I thought of this morning. It was unintentionally hilarious, like much of the humor on SVU.

Elsewhere on TV, Cliff Lee pitched a pretty great game for the Rangers. I still love him but jeez dude, lose the soul patch. It's not a good look.


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  2010.10.06  21.45
Whoops there goes another rubber tree plant.

I did this on Facebook last week, but I need to once again officially take back anything I ever said about trading Cliff Lee for Roy Halladay. Oh yeah and, I would like to give Chooch a Smooch.


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  2010.09.29  13.38

You guys, I am awesome at making chili.


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  2010.09.28  14.34
If you do nothing else today...

Please read this article in about how hard Mick Foley loves Tori Amos. Apparently Maxx Payne introduced him to Little Earthquakes and he was bowled over by "Winter."

"Snow can wait, I forgot my mittens," she sang. "Wipe my nose, get my new boots on." If there is such a thing as love at first listen, I fell helplessly, hopelessly in love from that very first lyric. "When you gonna make up your mind?" she asked me, accompanied by the gentlest, tenderest notes from a Bösendorfer piano.

The rest of the article is just as fantastic.


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  2010.09.28  13.39
Once again, the MacArthur Foundation has snubbed me.

The 2010 MacArthur Foundation Fellows were announced today, and for the 30th year in a row, I'm not a genius.

It's definitely worth it to take some time to read about the kinds of work the Foundation is honoring this year. I always find it inspirational to see what they have done to receive this award. I mean, $500,000 with no strings attached? That's a fantasy come true. Of course, I am only previously familiar with one of the grantees, theatre artist David Cromer. I saw his production of Our Town earlier this year and I wholeheartedly agree that he is a fucking genius.

Way way back in the day, I made a list of acceptable and unacceptable reasons to be famous. I'monna go ahead and add MacArthur Grantee to the "acceptable" list.


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